Just across the river, on the Philly side

Flying on passes (stand-by) to LA….. this was always fun, never knowing which route you’d take…when you’d get there.
Not feeling the fun anymore. The Charlotte/Philadelphia/Dallas route. to LA, does not sound adventurous right now… but beggars cannot be choosers, right?
I am officially old, and understand the cranky part.. When did this happen?

Couple snafus so far, my hotel in LA had to be switched, they sent me an e-mail letting me know the price quoted was wrong. (I get employee rates through my son) and jacked the price up $85…my Charlotte flt filled so I am currently sitting at gate C23 at the Philadelphia Int’l Airport. (Hi Jersey peeps!!!!!) So close but still so far away…
And to my MCO friends…if you see a really comfy grey sweater hanging around the airport….she’s mine. Hopefully whoever finds her, will enjoy her warmth as much as I did…~it’s always the favorite clothing you manage to lose, isn’t it?
Well, the LA flt looks like it might be full….the next flt is at 11 and has 21 seats, so I will eventually get there. Staying positive…….
Having dinner tonight with some LA friends..and really looking forward to the company. (And not still siting in Philadelphia….)
Fingers crossed… always waiting for that last seat.
~my airline friends understand this; Call my name, call my name…..


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