The Big Island….

The Big Island…

In the Hawaiian language, a “W” in the middle of a word, is pronounced like a “V”.  Remember this next time you say Hawaii, make sure it comes out as “vai”.. Sounds much better. 
A little Hawaiian 101 for you. No need to thank me, you are quite welcome.

I find I keep reminding myself that I am on an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean,  It is taking some time to sink in. I walk to the Ocean each morning and sit along the cliffs.  Just me and the Pacific, and usually a phone conversation with Arizona.  I am told by the locals that the whales should be migrating past soon, I don’t want to miss them.
Sticker shock came when I went grocery shopping and spent $31.00 on 5 grocery items, I will either starve here, or be flying home early for a sandwich…  Thank the heavens, fruit is growing in the backyard…..

Drove the coast line for a few hours yesterday and found I was stopping so often I could have walked the trip faster.  Everything a stunningly beautiful.  And listening and watching the power of the Ocean is mesmerizing.

Pahoa is this quaint little town, full of hippies.
hippie [ˈhɪpɪ]n    a.  (esp during the 1960s) a person whose behaviour, dress, use of drugs, etc., implied a rejection of conventional values)  
From what I have seen, this sounds accurate. 
They help me remember that we need very little to survive, and be truly happy and content.  Everyone is friendly and extremely laid back. 
The town is a couple blocks long and dotted with shops, it would be easy to drive right through and pay no attention, but each shop has a unique ambiance that you are glad you experienced.
The Museum Cafe is this delightful place chocked full of art and antiques.  They make a killer Papaya smoothie and banana bread, that is in a class of delicious all it’s own.  I finally found the town pool and think I will start swimming each morning.
Everything about this trip has screamed at me, This Is Where You Are Suppose To Be!
From my dear friend offering me her home, for an extended period of time..
To an old high school friend, telling me she lived here back in the 80’s and has been a wealth of information for me, concerning the town and area.  And let’s not forget, she hooked me up with her brother and his lovely wife, who live in Pahoa,  who in turn, offered me a car to use during my stay.. 

My youngest son is taking care of my home and is being a responsible person and will not burn it down while I am gone.  He just returned from a 5 month seasonal job in The Grand Tetons, and took a job with Victoria’s Secret.  Smart boy.  Local male hero… So, no worries about anything back home…right?

I will continue to take my pictures, meet the locals and wander The Island. 
I know I am suppose to be here. 
Why?  Well that will reveal itself in time.

Now does anyone have any suggestions on silencing a rooster that crows at 3AM , without the words roast, bake or saute being used?


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