Catching Up..

My internet connection is dial up…need I say more?

I do find it comical that I become irritated, so easily, with the lag.  Trying to remind myself my words are traveling to  OUTER SPACE bouncing off a satellite then beaming out to the WORLD.. If it takes a few extra minutes I think I can handle it.

Been reflecting back on my week here on this Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Over the years I have spent thousands of hours in airports, working, traveling, sleeping and waiting..  Maui was a gawkers delight. There was the Yoga group…Three separate folks who chose to pass the time in strange positions, relaxing their bodies.  Rarely, when hanging in a boarding / gate area do I see someone standing on their head in a corner or doing a downward dog by the windows.  The downward dog lady was kind enough to be facing the right way…Lots of people who looked like they had decided to check out of the 9-5 lifestyle and live on Island time…. Most seemed to be Islanders, with a couple here and there who obviously were coming over for Iron Man. They were a nice distraction from the mangy bearded, head standing guy

I have met a handful of couples here, and to my surprise.. the Women are my age and their Men are 10-20 years younger.  Not that I find this odd, in fact it’s wonderful.
First thing I hear when I state this is, “she must have money”.  No, I didn’t get that vibe.  Lovely couples, seemed happy together.  But I will say, with a couple of them, the women were beginning to age, and the guys weren’t there yet.  And you could feel the insecurity with the women…  Funny how we females are.  Too bad we let these feeling/thoughts in.


I did have a moment a few days into my stay, where I almost went back to the mainland.  I won’t go into it, but let’s just say… I am getting more and more tired of people. 
My nature is laid back and accepting.  Treat everyone well.. Be kind.  Be honest.  Look out for one another.  Be happy for others.  You know the stuff that makes people who are angry, bitter and jealous pissed off that you are like this, that you found some magical key that keeps eluding them.
As the years pass by, I meet more and more self centered, manipulative, jealous (good lawd, the list could go on and on) people.  Who cannot see past themselves.  They want what they want, they feel they deserve more. And do not care what they do to get the attention, person or thing they set their sights on.  Women who are angry they are alone, and cannot be happy for anyone who has found the right person for them. 
Guys who still look at women as objects. 
(I just wrote a half page on the above statement, and realized, it isn’t needed.  The word Objects says it all)
This last statement was what almost made me leave the Island….actually it’s been building.  What this guy did, pushed me.  The last 6 months or so I have dealt with Women behaving badly, so him placing that last straw on my back and I had enough…It took a few days but  I am glad I was able to let it go, and not give him so much power over me.
Glad I got that out….purging is GOOD

After 48 hrs with my dear, insanely funny friend, I needed a lazy day.  Yesterday was perfect for being lazy.  Today I will wander.

Still learning this blog thing…having trouble getting photos to post. 
Be patient with me, I am old and non-technical…..;-)


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