What a day…

Trying to find the right set up for this blog, so expect more changes.  Change is GOOD.  lol

Yesterday was the perfect day..  Good thing I am still on east coast time, helps with watching the sun rise each day… The surf (as I mentioned in my previous post) was pounding the coast this morning.  Foamy sea green and turquoise. And clear, not colors or clarity I see in the Atlantic often..not where I live.

Headed to Hilo and Coconut Island.  There is a walking bridge over to this little Island.  Swam and watched kids being dare-devils (see photos below).  The ancient stone structures and steps give this place a great feel.  As I was leaving, I ran into my seat mate on the flight over from Los Angeles to Hilo.  (what are the chances!)  We had exchanged numbers on the flight and had hoped to get together while here.  So, we are having tea today.  It will be nice to see them again, they are from California and have some property here that they are making into a Spiritual Sanctuary… I get a tour today…
Decided to head North of Hilo and wander around.  20 minutes up the road I see a sign for Akaka Falls..  That’s all I needed to see.  I turned away from the Pacific and headed up a mountain and into a Tropical Rainforest.  
The hike is circular and you get to see a couple different waterfalls.  It is a great workout with the hundreds of steps you are constantly climbing.  I would get to the bottom of one set of steps only to begin the climb up the next…  You feel like you are in the Land of the Giants (remember that show?)  The plants are gigantic and tower over you.  Leaves that you could wrap yourself in like blankets.
Getting to Akaka Falls you pass through the small village of Honomu.  Very cool little town.  I stopped in a couple shoppes and at one, the owner was sweet and decided to teach me the art of the Sarong.  This is now my favorite piece of clothing…  Bikini top and wrap, it is easy to fall into this whole concept of living on Island time.
I stopped and checked out the Outriggers (remember the canoes in the beginning of Hawaii 5-O?  Those are Outriggers) that line Hilo Bay.  I plan on catching these guys next time they are out racing. (or whatever it is that they call it)  I also stopped back at The Palace Theater, hoping to get a few shots of the empty theater.  This is where I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, the stage play,Image last Friday (great show! Local talent here is amazing)
Stopped in Onomea Bay for a Papaya Smoothie and was greeted by a Ram, yep, horns and all….pretty guy, browns and black in color.  There are animals everywhere roaming the Island.  I am still trying to adjust to the wild rooster in my neighborhood who crows at 3 A.M every day…lol

I have officially been in Hawai’i one week now, and haven’t traveled much further than 2 hours from my home, and am amazed at what I have found.  Lot’s more Island to explore, from the desert to the snow capped mountains..

Time to gas up the car…


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