A Few Of My Favorite Things…in Hawaii

Little girls in dresses with flowers in their hair…and barefoot walking to school.
I pass an elementary school each day on my wanderings, and barefoot is the norm.  Just how Hawaii schools should be..

Green Sea Turtles, I can’t help thinking of Nemo and The Dude.  Amazing creatures to see.  I get to see them each and every morning..

84 degrees pretty much year round.

How quickly you adjust to Island time, and slow down….

Wild chickens…they are everywhere.

Watching guys Hula…

A traffic jam consisting of 20 or more cars doing 40mph….

….and this guy Ku, the Hawaiian God of War.  Not for the War part, more because he stood 20ft tall and I found him in the jungle…which was a fantastic find…for me.Image


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