Hele….Da Bus


My thoughts were to take a couple of shots on the Bus (Hele~as they call it here)

But as I scanned the faces, I realized I may not make it safely off the bus, if I do this…lol
I am sure the people I rode with were lovely.  But I think I made the right decision not to photograph them.
The bus travels the island and will pick you up at designated stops or wave them down and they will pull over for an impromptu pick-up.  The cost is $1.  And you can ride all over The Island.  From my back porch I can see the route the bus takes, so I jumped on today and rode the 30+ miles into Hilo.  Since my internet connection is so horrible at the house, I decided to grab a smoothie at Starbucks and take advantage of (F-A-S-T, oh thank you speed!) their WIFI.
Will visit my friends at Verizon (again) and see if they can hook me up with a USB that doesn’t malfunction constantly.  Maybe even catch a movie (it’s a rainy day here) My son says Argo or Seven Psychopaths looks good.”
The bus travels the whole Island so I will ride it one day to see what places I may have missed..
Considering the cost of a gallon of gas is $4.42 here, I think $1 for an unlimited ride around a Hawaiian Island is a really great deal.
I’ll save the car for my out of the way destinations.

Maybe the group of bus travelers on the way home will be more photogenic……..


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