Waiting On A Wave……

They were too far away to capture a good clear shot, but even from this distance I could tell they were having a blast.  The rocky coast and pounding surf did not deter them.  They were fearless asImage they waited for the perfect wave to jump and dive.
Then they noticed me, far off down the coast line,  Snapping away.  One of the guys pointed at me and then began (pretending) to undo his pants.  Keeping the camera to my eye, I waved at them.  Hoping it might stop the “show”.  Guess they didn’t think my lens was that powerful because the show immediately ceased…. I could see them.
I sat a while longer, legs dangling off the cliff, watching  and listening to the power of the ocean. 
I gave them a final wave as I headed down the shoreline to explore a cave I had found the day before.
As I headed home from the cave, I ran into my 3 photogenic fearless cliff jumpers.  They recognized me too.  These guys were all of 16-17 years old.  As we exchanged Hellos, I noticed one who would not make eye contact with me,I figured this must be my “entertainer”.  So I said, “Thank you for leaving your pants on.”  The other two laughed out loud and told me I was cool.  The third laughed as he covered his face with his hands.  We parted ways down the road, and the boys yelled “Aloha” as they disappeared from sight.  I yelled back, “Aloha” and for the first time, it felt natural, not phoney……I am settling in


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