As The Sea Calls~Far Off Places Are Calling Too

As The Sea Calls~Far Off Places Are Calling Too

It has now become a ritual to settle in on the cliffs, chuckle to myself as I glance down the coast and then out to sea, and say aloud, I am on an Island in the Middle of The Pacific!
I’m surprised I haven’t considered pinching myself.

The ocean was spectacular today. Multiple colors and she alternated from calm to fierce. I finally found a couple ways to get down some of the cliffs to get a better angle for my shots…. the Lava is rugged and sharp, like glass. Falling on this stuff is not something I want to do.

I spent the majority of my afternoon here today. Lot’s to think about. I have been offered to possibly go on another adventure, to a far off land. I do not want to go into any details yet, I have this habit of getting myself all worked up and then things fall through. But it would be a photographers dream, and a chance to spend some time with an old friend. My mind is working overtime…. I am grateful that this opportunity has even been suggested…. I am sure I will have lots more to say on this subject, once I can think about it clearly….

I am a sucker for Ocean shots especially when the water moves the way she can…So I hope you enjoy today’s photos… I know I enjoyed The Sea and her Dance


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