Catch Of The Day…

I saw these two out in the waters, thigh deep.  Asked if they were ok with me watching and taking some shots.  As one threw the net the other snorkeled to keep the nets from catching on the sharp rocks.  They said, sure…they could use all the luck they could get.
I stood in the cool waters of the Pacific watching and waiting.  I didn’t need to wait very long. The net was thrown, and a school of fish were caught.  The excitement and happiness these two exhibited, was infectious.  They emerged from the sea, one with a sack of fish thrown over his shoulder like an Hawaiian Santa while the other came out a little bloody from his legs being scraped along the jagged lava rocks.  They told me they guessed the haul at 125lbs, and it would feed their families and relatives well.  I asked if this was typical, and they said, not at all…..
They were happy to pose for some shots and gloat about their catch….
I am sure the Luau they planned was a huge success…..

I like being in the right place at the right time….Image


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