Moku Lani

Moku Lani

Not sure if you can throw words together, randomly in the Hawaiian language, but this seemed appropriate.
Moku Lani (Island Heaven)

A few years ago, while taking refuge in Ohio. I decided to change the way I viewed things.
Life had been this horrible merry-go round that was full of loss, and hard times. I was constantly thinking, “What did I do to bring this on.” And other than choosing to allow some people into my life, whom I never should have… I had no answers.
I decided the answers I seek must lie within me, and that I was what needed to change. Make changes within myself that I hoped would in turn create a much better life, full of calm, happiness and peace for me.
So I began to work on myself. My thoughts and beliefs.
Things I always thought of as coincidences are now viewed as blessings. Blessing in the way of good karma, you know all that spiritual mumbo jumbo…
I try not to question what comes my way anymore. This has been a difficult task at times, but I am getting better at it. I treat the bad as a learning experience, and the good I accept with grace and gratefulness. No questions asked. (the grace comes after I do the Holy Crap!! stuff…)

My time here in Hawai”i has been full of these unexplained “moments.”
Welcoming them seems to be the key…

When my stay here is up in November, I will head back to the mainland and Arizona (the Man and the State) Kind of like referring to him as Arizona, gives him an air of mystery. I miss him and the Desert.

So back to the good Karma stuff: I am currently trying to work out the details of a South East Asia offer that has been generously suggested. Again, out of the blue, a wonderful note arrived offering to help expand my global market, with my photography

So SE Asia, may possibly be my next big adventure. Who knows. If that is where I am suppose to be, I will find myself there…eventually.

A hui hou kakou
(until we meet again)


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