Last Night

As I do many nights, I recount my day and the wonders it brought.  The laughter, joy and yes even the difficulties.  I find myself speaking to loved ones, gone.  Ancestors and The Universe.  Thanking them all for their love and watchful eyes.  Grateful for the blood that flows through my veins. Grateful for the strengths and wisdom that may have trickled down throughout the centuries to me.
But last night was different….
Last night as I spoke.  All the sudden, without thought~I found I was thanking Myself.

Thanking Myself;
for continuing to stand strong.
For my beautiful, open mind,
for my soul…that has always been compassionate and loving.
For continuously trying to learn, from everything I encounter.
For thinking, I want to know more. (even if it is something I disagree with)
For continuing to work on myself, my shortcomings…with love and patience.
For seeing beauty where others may not.
For slowing down, listening.  Giving time, helping.
Doing, not just saying….
and honestly loving myself.

As I spoke to myself,
With an open heart, I took credit for today.
For the choices I made,
for the battles I fought and won.

For recognizing that I AM…
and the awe inspiring depth of what that means.
Everything I need, I have been given.
From the Strengths and Wisdom within me
lies the truth of life for me.
I understand this.
I accept this and embrace this.
I have the answers I am seeking, I always have.


…as these thoughts floated to me and all around me.  My body began to fill.  The love I felt was overwhelming.  My eyes filled with tears and my heart with joy.
I hope to encounter many, many more like souls on my journey.

be silent…
be still.
Quiet your mind and you will come to realize, 
You have been given the answers you seek.
You need look no further.


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