A Blurp About Me

Starting the next 50 years of my life.
I am heading out on this adventure broke, but have decided that will not stop me. We are resourceful beyond our wildest dreams… First stop is at a friends retirement home on The Big Island…it is mine for a month, from there it looks like Arizona will be my next stop… Everything at this point in my life is seen as an adventure… and a chance to enjoy every single thing that comes my way.
I have lots of stories to tell…some sad, many are hilarious… Hope you’ll pop in now and then and see where I am and how I’m doing…….
I am a divorced Mother of 4…I understand the loss of a child. The heartache of being with parents as they leave this world…The confusion and anger behind failed relationships. The sting of abuse and the fear from having a stalker….. I have had money and been technically below poverty level. And then add in the nightmare of being injured and struggling with a broken body… But after stating all those thing, they are not who I am. Life is about choices, and we are designed to be stronger than the worst that can be thrown at us…I have chosen to be grateful, joyous and to look at this world everyday with wonder.
I am still just a girl (yes, a girl) looking for my adventure, my Joy… I think I am on the right path…….


2 thoughts on “A Blurp About Me”

    1. Thank you Lisa…
      It is therapeutic isn’t it?
      I need to create the habit of writing. Even if I am the only one reading it. I enjoy coming back and re-reading my entries, sometimes I surprise myself.
      Keep writing. You have a wonderful way of story telling.

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This is what I'm doing with my next 50 years….

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