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The clock is now ticking down…

I am 51 years old… the Mother of 4, the ex-wife of 2, a great friend to a few and a girlfriend (are we still called girlfriends at this age?  Lady friend is NOT an option) to a man that lives more miles away from me, than I like to think about.
I am a Veteran (Air Force),  an ex airline employee (23 years) yes seniority still means everything!  Throw in some time working for our Federal Gov’t, and you have the last 30 years or so of my life.  The details, I’m sure will periodically be covered in my ramblings.
I am outgoing, adventurous, a bit of a gypsy (really I’m a wannabe, makes me feel mysterious), a romantic and a work in progress.  I may seem strong and tough, but that is only the costume I wear,  if I let you close enough, you will find I am scared, unsure and need to feel safe,  just like everyone else.

I was thrown into an early medical retirement back in 05′, which changed my life, and left me with some spinal cord damage, but we won’t go into that now… you’ll get that story another day..
I now spend my time pretending to be a Photographer.  I am on the verge of  starving most of the time, but I am extremely happy and content.  I am doing what I love.

My grammar and punctuation are horrible.  So, if these things get under your skin,  I am giving you fair warning… I will drive you mad.  I do have a serious side, but it seldom rears it’s head, so hopefully you will understand my sense of humor.

Did I mention in 48 hours I am running off to live in Hawaii for a month or so?  
My oldest feels I am going much to far away,  for too long.  My two younger (grown) children are telling me to have an Adventure.  I am currently a mix of nervous excitement and what the hell am I doing!?
A dear friends home on The Big Island was offered to me for an extended period of time,  I immediately said, Yes.  My thoughts are to photograph and journal my way around the Island, and work on my story telling.
I can think of no better place for me to be…

So, my adventure and journey begin Tuesday morning Oct 2nd with a stop in LA.
I hope you’ll stay for the ride.  Please be patient with my writing,  I hope to improve my command of the English language during this quest.

This is the start of the next 50 years of my life….
Feel free to live vicariously through my wanderings.
I will do my best to show you things and places, that fill your dreams at night.  And just maybe, push you to take off on your own quest..

Here we go……..