Midnight deletions
Dec 1, 2013

   I woke at midnight a few nights ago with an urgency to delete most of my social networking site.  Not a panic mind you, just a, I’ve had a good run and it’s time to make some changes, thought that pushed me out of bed.   1,000’s of my shots, given freely for others to (hopefully) enjoy and unfortunately for some to steal, which really was a huge compliment to me….. 
I sat for 2 hrs deleting my work.  There is still more to delete but I accomplished what I needed to get back to sleep.

I find it funny how I can wake one night and decide I have had enough of something.
As I got busy making changes and beginning to take a step away from something that has brought me mixed emotions for 4 years, I was reminded of a few really cool things that connecting with strangers has offered me.

My friend Cherrie….
  I wrote a blog spot for “The Feel Good Lifestyle” back in 2010. (Phil had read one of my posts and asked me to be a contributor to a piece he was working on.) A woman living in San Diego (Cherrie) happened to read it.  Contacted Phil, who I believe was in Australia at the time,  and she asked if he could put us in contact with one another.

He was kind enough to introduce Cherrie and I…And the next thing I knew, Cherrie was on her way to Florida and we were to meet.
She stayed a night or two with me at my home, and we connected. 
  Since then we have Camped, hung out in San Diego on “The Ranch” and she has introduced me to her family and friends, which I now feel are my friends.

And now because of the generosity of my friend, I have been gifted a 4 day Gratitude Training Seminar in West Palm Beach, that I leave for later this week.   I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience this with the 190+ others I will meet.

After spending an amazing week in Phoenix, attending a Spiritual conference with my dear friend Shannon, back in July.  And then the opportunity to live on a 200+ acre Ranch in the Mountains of Southern California for almost a month and making yet another wonderful friend,  I can only imagine all that I will take away from this event.

So my Journey continues. 
Lots of changes, that are getting me closer to my next Adventure.
House has a couple new coats of paint, and awaits the realtor. 
Life is so exciting! 

I keep saying yes to all that is laid at my feet.
Manifesting, yes, this is something I know I can do.
(and you can too…)
Where is your road leading you?

This photo was taken in September 2013 in Anza Borrego Desert, California
beth elaine photography